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Collection of Classical Archaeology

The vases  and potsherds that belong to this collection (a total of approximately 2000 items) have been acquired through a donation by the National Archeological Museum of Athens (in 1938) and several other donations namely, by the 1st Ephorate of Antiquities in Athens,  the American School of Classical Studies through excavations it has conducted in the Ancient Agora, and the 3rd  Ephorate of Antiquities through excavations it has conducted in the Metropolitan Railway of Athens at Syntagma Station, as well as from private donations.

Intact vases are mainly on display in seven showcases that have been organized according to the chronological order of the exhibits (6th century B.C.-1ST century A.D.). Potsherds are organized in drawers within each showcase and are all accessible to students that can perform ‘hands-on’ measurements and examine the individual features and distinctive style of each exhibit.